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05-07-2011, 09:52 AM
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You know what guys, I said before that regardless of what happens I'd be happy for what the boys accomplished this year, and I stand by that. I've been an awful fan lately, reaming the team out for playing horribly and completely ignoring everything great they've done. We all knew Vancouver was the better team coming in, hell, 29 other teams in the league all knew Vancouver was a better team than them, yet we have managed to keep every single game so close despite being outworked and outskilled through much of the series. That's amazing, and that's an accomplishment that deserves recognition. If we get a few lucky bounces the series is 3-1 in our favor, that's how close this is. Can you believe it?

We're spending millions less than any other team that was in the playoffs and yet we're playing right up there and beating/challenging teams who have perennial all-stars like Perry, Getzlaf, Selanne, Sedin, Kesler, Luongo, etc. That's wild, and to be honest I'm not surprised if some of our best guys are a little burned out because of it; skill-wise we've gone against a lot of players who our best guys can't even compare with on paper, but everyone has stepped their game up and beat a team filled with studs (Anaheim is no pushover, they steamrolled through everyone coming into the post-season) and now we're keeping things close against the best team during the regular season (by a wide margin, to boot) and putting ourselves in a position to win every single night.

That's an amazing accomplishment for this team, and I for one am enormously proud of them. Yeah, I'm upset that we're down 3-1 in a series we just as easily could be winning right now, but that's life, we've been on the other end of that already in these playoffs (I'm sure Ducks fans were feeling pissed that they were 30 seconds away from being up 3-2). Whatever happens, we showed the hockey world we're not first-round pushovers anymore, we have what it takes to go far. We needed a bit of luck and we didn't get it so far in Round 2, **** happens, at least we haven't just been brushed aside like the 3 other losing teams in the conference semi-finals. We have a young team who is only going to learn, grow, and get better from this experience. We know what we're capable of here and we'll be back, you can bet your ass we'll be back. And you know what, this series is not even close to being over. We've come up big so many times before, we can do it again. It's not an impossible hill to climb, this is completely doable for our boys.

When I was a little pre-teen Torontonian who started liking the "new team" because their logo was so badass I never imagined I'd grow so close to the team and follow them more loyally than any other sports organization in any league before or after. Going through all the good and the bad (and being in Leafs country all my life I got my fair share of hate through college and high-school for being a devout Preds follower... Although these past 6 years it's been easy to counter any Leafs fans with the simple "How many times has YOUR team made the playoffs since the lockout?") But I digress, going through all the good and bad just makes the good times that much better. This is one of those good times, and our team has certainly done a lot to make each and every one of us proud of them. Just don't let it end here boys, three measley wins and we're in the Stanley Cup semi-finals! I believe in this team.

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