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05-07-2011, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by JamesBond View Post
Two things:

#1 - the CBC crew is NOT homers. Jim Hughson may be a Canuck fan, but he is a very professional broadcaster and its hard to tell. The rest of the crew, Ronnie Mac, Craig Simpson, etc. are Canuck haters. Clearly.

#2 - as much as Craig Simpson is anti-Canuck, he is an outstanding broadcaster who knows the game as good as anyone out there.

There is no American Broadcast that can hold a candle to Jim and Craig.
Originally Posted by JamesBond View Post
Sarcasm aside, I get your point. It's easy to be deaf to those that share your viewpoint, whereas those that oppose it, you seem to analyze every word.

I'd concede that Hughson might be difficult to stomach for non-Canuck fans.
So which is it? Is Hughson a homer or not? First you say the CBC crew aren't homers then you follow it up by saying Hughson is a Canuck fan. Then you say it may be difficult to stomach for non-Canuck fans? Sure sounds like he's a homer to me and to be perfectly honest, the Tuesday night broadcast was one of the worst I've ever heard in my 41 years of life. I've watched sports since I was a kid so let's say, close to 35 years. I have never been so agitated and annoyed at listening to a broadcast team as I was the other night. It was Vancouver can do no wrong and Nashville isn't worthy of the ice that the Canucks are skating on. I have no problem with a broadcast team being in their teams favor but to the extent that Hughson was was absolutely ridiculous. If I could've driven 650 miles to punch the guy in the face to shut him up I would've.

It takes a good broadcast journalist to see the game for what it is and call it correctly. All the penalties Vancouver took were shams and all the calls on Nashville were correct. It's as if Vancouver never does anything wrong on the ice. It was complete and utter BS.

If you enjoy coming here to rankle this fan base, fine. Be prepared to get an angry response from me every single time you come here and post your crap. Thanks and have a great day.

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