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05-07-2011, 11:12 AM
Ed finally concedes!
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How long before Laviolette gets canned?

Let me make this abundantly clear..this is not an endorsement....I think he's a good coach for the most part but has a short shelf life. It's just seems that unfortunately Lavi's shelf life is expiring here too. Lots of suggestions that his message is waning with the team and it seems there is more of rift developing. Not absolving the players of their responsibility to perform just noting that as we all know you can't fire the team especially when you have your core players and leaders tied up in long term contracts.

This situation is reminding me of the Barber situation where Primeau and other players just lost it with Barber when he couldn't adjust strategy in the playoffs and just told the players "they have to work harder." Unfortunately, it's not that easy especially when it's clear you are being outcoached. Lavi this year was fundamentally outcoached and he almost got us kicked out of the first round with the Leighton decision in game 6.

Everybody is entitled to a bad year but unfortunately with the coach it's not that simple since the players can easily lose trust in his message and I fear that is happening.

Anyway....IMO he gets relieved mid way through the season ala Stevens but if they have a slow start he could be Hitchcocked. Sadly it won't be a two for one deal like with Hitch and Clarke..since Holmgren is immune thanks to Snider's "la cosa nostra" philosophy.....

Said it last year...if Snider was not so loyally blind and hard headed he would have made a pitch for Yzerman a proven winnner. Sure he had no GM experience but people like him are not mince meat or come along very often.

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