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05-07-2011, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
winning and losing has a cumulative effect. we all know had they won game one or game three even that one win can change things just like in any given game one goal one way or the other has a dramatic effect.

i am not going to say that backstrom is the reason they lost. i certainly will say that had backstrom been the rock of reliability and created some offense that the circumstances of the series would have been different. one timely goal creates one win and one win creates another.

if we are going to blame semin his lacking and ov for his lacking and on down the roster, backstrom has to carry his own load. he is the 2nd most counted on offensive player on the team. he wears an "A".

yea, maybe its all boudreau's fault. that, i dont buy. i am fine with firing boudreau. backstrom has, however, has his fingerprints all over this debacle as surely as semin did v montreal last season.
OK. If given two options, trading Backstrom or firing Bruce, which one would you do to improve the team?

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