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05-07-2011, 12:52 PM
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A Walsh type President/GM

I was thinking today about how the Knicks were crap for so long and then Walsh came in and really figured a way to get WAAAAY under the cap and had a game plan. A plan that did not deviate either (except being FORCED to TRADE for Carmelo vs. Signing him to just money).

It would be awesome if the Rangers could finally dump Sather and get a man who comes in with a PLAN. With a strategy. With the idea of dumping players with high cap hits (yes Sather is actually pretty good at it himself, but he was the one to GIVE them that contract!).

Yes, I do understand NBA is much easier to get rid of high cap hits versus NHL. But Sather and ALL OTHER NYR Presidents/GM's have done the same thing. Haphazardly just looked to the following years UFA class and try and build their team with whatever was in the UFA THAT year. We dont look ahead to following years ufa classes and try and systematically draft/trade/sign a TEAM.

We just say, "Hey this player is available. He is good. Lets sign him. And lets sign this guy, oh and lets sign this undraft player that just played well. And lets just draft whatever is in front of us.

They dont TRY AND MAKE A TEAM. We have been told New York can not go through a rebuild. We wont except a losing team. Hell, thats ALL we have been dealing with, with the exception of 94, 97 really. If Walsh was allowed to BUILD a team, why is Sather not allowed. He IS allowed. He just doesnt believe in it.

Lets draw a stratgey out. Look at what will possibly be players available not just NOW, but later. Lets first get rid of these cap hits, not sign ANYONE that is the best in the UFA this year, keep the cap low, and if you can, sign a RFA that you think a team is up against the cap already and couldnt match.

Listen, I am NO GM/President. But we need to have someone that is like Walsh.

Im tired of this crap already

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