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05-07-2011, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
I'm on board with that, except for maybe the Commodore deal. What benefit is it really to the Rangers over buying out Drury? Redden's already eating up the 10% extra on the summer cap, so we can't spend Commodore's money until he's sent down at the end of camp.

The only advantage over buying out Drury is that we'll have a lot of money to work with at the trade deadline, but the disadvantage is that the full 3.75 mil will be on the books again next offseason, rather than Drury's 1.67 mil. Sure, we could buy out Commodore's final year, but his cap hit will still be $1,516,667, only 150k savings, and the following year when Drury would be off the books entirely, Commodore would have a cap hit of $1,116,667.

Are you expecting that there will be compliance buyouts in the next CBA that won't count against the cap? If we are sending Boogaard to Hartford, we can use his money at the deadline. If we're sending both him and Commodore down, we'd be operating at least 5.375 mil below the cap. That's like 20 million or more at the trade deadline. I can't imagine why we'd need that much cap space.

Is there a limit to the number of players that can be bought out? Is that why you are suggesting the trade?
It's a $2M difference between Commodore's 12-13 cap hit and the 2nd year of Drury's cap hit. It's not going to make or break the Rangers.

The CBA isn't going to remain status quo. It expires on September 15,2012. The NHL wants to lower the players %. NHL teams will want some mechanism in place to be compliant IF the NHL is successful. Compliance buyouts were part of the current CBA. Why wouldn't they be part of the next CBA? A players gets bought out and he gets his money over the same term. Not twice the term.

If the 11-12 upper limit is $63M,is it going to decrease for 12-13 with the new NBC money kicking in next season and the Canadian dollar trading comfortably over $1? It could increase by another $2-$3M IF the summer of 2012 begins with the current CBA unless there is a new CBA.

The NHLPA has never voted against exercising their 5% increase.

The Rangers have six group II's they want to re-sign and want to sign Brad Richards. Torts kept mentioning adding a skilled D in his interview with Michael Kay. Where is that money coming from?The Rangers will take a cap penalty for performance bonuses from 10-11. There is no bonus cushion for next season.

If the Rangers re-sign all of their group II's for more than 1 year(which they will),MDZ,Prust and Biron are their free agents for 2012. None of them are breaking the bank. Keep the commitments for 12-13 reasonable. Add $13-$14M for the six group II's. Add $6.5-$7M for Richards. $46M. The Rangers have $25M committed for that season so far. If the CBA doesn't change by July 2012 and the summer cap is $70M,the Rangers are fine. If the CBA changes and the upper limit is lowered,compliance buyout period.

Redden could breach his contract by not reporting in September and make this topic mute. Or there could be another lockout where no one gets paid.

I hate the 2/3 buyouts. Drury cost $3.7M next season and another $1.66M in 12-13.

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