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Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
I don`t like all this ``end of era`` and ``goodbye`` stuff. You wrote it well on another board that what this team was missing was balance. The team was certainly missing some younger guys. You shouldn`t say bye to all the old dudes at once and then next year fill the roster full of young players. Likewise you can`t have a roster like this one full of older forwards. Balance is needed!

Also if there was an end to this era, than it was with the retirement of Peter Bondra and the end of a dominant Zigmund Palffy.

One more thing I wish to add, I don`t think Hanlon`s defensive strategy was a good fit for this team. Easy to say now I realize hindsight is 20-20. That being said, if SVK goes with a really young roster from next year onward, they will need to use this defensive system if they want to avoid relegation trouble. So in that sense, keeping Hanlon around is a good idea.
Yes, balance....however there were two generations pretty much playing in the Slovak with players in their prime like Hossa and Gabby and the other one with players past their primes....I think it is about time to say goodbye to a bigger part of that 2nd generation....of course we shouldnīt close the door to any of them if they are actually good enough for a roster spot and earn it prior to the IHWC....what I had on my mind however was more along the lines that I hope a) the time were players get called to the NT just based on their names and because of how good they once were is over (no matter how old they are) and b) we do need to concentrate in building a young core of players who will lead the NT in the future and that canīt be achieved by merely throwing them together with the older guys around the IHWC, work needs to be done all year long....whether it is during the summer with the NA kids or during the international season with home/Euro young players because there is a high probability that the young guys from overseas wonīt be able to even take part in the WC....

as for Hanlon, I think that currently him having problem with young players is an even bigger issue than his deffensive strategy....

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