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05-07-2011, 07:57 PM
Hello there children
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I did better on the 10th than the Derby, saw one of my favs Get Stormy was running courtesy of my Virtual Stable, made it to Monmouth with about 3 mins til post to get a bet down, won 130 on that.

I just did 20 to WP on Nehro, 88 bucks not bad at all.

The Mrs, on my way out the door goes, Give me 2 across on....who's number 16. Which is funny because she usually is as good a handicapper as me, but she hadn't looked at the race and all and just picked a number.

Hope you guys did well, and I hope I can catch a replay of it later - we are still moving so I was gettin the last of the stuff out of our old apt, ran down to the bar to watch the race, came back and now I'm finally out of my apt. Good day.

My friend had 30 bucks to win on Animal Kingdom, lucky SOB.

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