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05-07-2011, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by usahockey22flyers View Post
Maybe they were better under Stevens, maybe, maybe not

Carter did hit 84 points, 40+ goals in 08-09.

Richards 07-08 - 75 points
Richards 08-09 - 80 points

Richards 09-10 - 62 points
Richards 10-11 - 66 points

Yeah its a different style under Lavy, but when your the face of the franchise and earning mega bucks, I want point production as well as defensive play.

....And if your going to flame my post, give me statistics or even an opinion why I'm so wrong.
I was going to go and post a whole crazy thing between the seasons but... way to much on a Saturday.

Well 1st off, Lavy didnt coach all of 09-10 so you dont put it ALL under Lavy, especially since Stevens ****ed the team up for the 1st half of the season.

2nd thing is, points are fluky. You dont base performance off of how many points your team has.

Sigh... I guess ill post some stats.


305 Top 5 Total Points


348 Top 5 Total Points


278 Top 5 Total Points


329 Top 5 Total Points

And this is JUST top 5. Look at the rest of the roster. In 09/10, the #9 on the team in points was Giroux with 27. In the 10/11 roster, #9 on the team in points was Timonen with 37. See what Im saying? Once you spread the talent out, with more offensive weapons, you arent going to get more points.

Does that makes sense?

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