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05-08-2011, 01:17 AM
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I don't have pictures, but there's at least 6 outdoor roller rinks within a short drive of where i'm at in metro Detroit. None of them have actual glass along the boards though. Most of them have fencing along the boards. And behind the goalline the fencing is always very high to help keep pucks/balls from traveling too far.

The surfaces range in smoothness. A few of the rinks are smooth enough to effectively use a puck without any problems, while a ball is necessary at a couple of them. The rinks where a ball is more effective also tend to wear down wheels and stick blades quickly.

In addition, a few of the rinks are painted with lines and dots, and a few of them are unmarked.

2 of the 6 rinks that i'm thinking of have lights so they can be used at night. They're both on timers that go off around 10-11pm. Nothing's better than playing roller hockey under the lights.

That's a really nice looking rink you guys have there though. Cherish it. I've had and will continue to have a blast at our local rinks.

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