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05-08-2011, 01:35 AM
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my opinion:

these guys should retire from NT right now (or be retired by the coach) - Bartečko, Demitra, Lašák, Majeský, Stumpel, Šatan, Štrbák, Zedník.

these guys should stay around if interested - Handzuš, Višňovský and possibly Nagy (if he keeps his play on the international level) + all players under 30.

Just as you said, they should build younger team next year. I'd use players under 25 (not so familiar with concrete names) and add some quality guys like Handzuš, Višňovský, Chára, Sekera, Hossa, Halák, Gaborík etc. (basically NHL players) who can "teach" something this younger generation.

If some serious lack of guy from previous group happened, these could be used as addition of experience to the team - Budaj, Svatoš, Hossa Marcel, Surový, Podhradský, Kolník, Starosta, Cibák, Radivojevič etc. - decent guy with not elite international talent, but lot of experience.

I think there should be about 50% of completely new young players and max. 50% of experienced guy. Even if those young players won't be that good, there is a need to teach them some system and it is well known that every team can win games with good system and team play (Germany etc.)

Btw. do you think Hanlon will be fired?

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