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05-08-2011, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Capsman View Post
So you are saying that he is a bad locker room presence, lazy, doesn't care about the team. Am I understanding correctly? This guy who has been one of our best playoff performers, who has rescued us many a game, who plays pretty solid defense (with the exception of the once a game bad penalty ), and was in tears after the game simply doesn't care and is all about himself.

Some of you are barking up the wrong tree. Semin played well until the last game. Those of you expecting guys to be back checking harder need to consider the fact that the only way we were going to score was on a rush. Bruce can talk about defensive responsibility until he is blue in the face, but these guys aren't dumb. They know we need goals.
Negative, you totally missed my meaning. Semin played well until the last game? Honestly, what games were you watching? The guy had a great start to the season, then got hurt and never returned to form. He disappeared last year in the playoffs and did it again this year in the second round. You must have the Semin man love going on. This guy is the most inconsistent player on the team. Is there a reason why Russia didn't want him playing on the team and ever hockey writer is calling him out, I think so. Put the Semin man love aside and see the real picture.

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