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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Teams absolutely defended us differently. They had to, we were killing any and all defenses. Montreal uploaded the blueprint for all to see. Play smart defense, do NOT run and gun with us. I have said it before, our passing during our all out offensive assault... was lacking. When we led the league in goals, I could recall only a handful of what I call Edmonton 1985 Grade A quality passing. Maybe one great passing sequence every 10 games or so... attempted. Despite our high grade players, my expectation bar to see some great assists plummeted. I never see great passing leading to an empty net like tap in. Never seen Backstrom with high quality primary's to Ovi.

Since Montreal figured out to attempt to play our shooters tight, our passing had to pick up the slack. Even the old sherlock method to score, screen the goalie, fails when the shooters are being played tight.

We couldn't pass our way out of a... gas convention.
I agree, but what I cannot determine is whether these guys are incapable of passing or they are not getting enough reps. Look, at this level of hockey passing cannot be only see and react like you would do in a pond hockey game. You watch Tampa, and the guy receiving the pass knew where he would pass it before he even got the puck. You could tell that they have worked on those scenarios and plays over and over and over. The puck moves faster than any skater can. We, on the other hand, have incredibly slow puck movement. Get the puck, think about it, give defense time to shift, and pass to the "open" guy who already has a defender closing in on him. Not to mention that repeatedly we saw passes to nobody because guys were on different pages.

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