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05-08-2011, 12:11 PM
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The team is soft, no way around that.

Guys able and willing to throw a big hit that could suck air out of the opposing player and make skip a shift or two (that's the purpose of hitting):

Richards (willing and able, spot-picker and could go for it more often)
Carcillo (always going for it)
Shelley (always willing, most of the time too slow)
Hartnell (willing and able, passes the opportunity too often)
Powe (almost always going for it)
JvR (quite often going for it, needs to put on more muscle to make real impact)
Giroux (similar to JvR, abit better though)
Nodl (similar to JvR)
Meszaros (going for it most of the time)
Coburn (willing and able, could do it more often, improving)
Pronger (monster during p-offs, conserves his energy during reg. season)
O'Donnell (similar to Pronger)

D seems fine but I'd really love a destroyer like Kronwall or Murray on our team that would really make the opposing team rushing plays. Meszaros and Coburn have the potential to become such guy, but they're too nice.

Only four hitters in our top9 forwards: two are spot-pickers and two are youngsters that haven't filled their bodies yet. Yes, I count Nodl, Carcillo and Powe as fourth-liners.

This is why I'd like to have Versteeg replaced with E.Cole, yeah Steeger's trying but most of the time he just bumps off the other guy and Kris' the one falling down.

In my opinion rolling two scoring lines, one shutdown line and one checking line would be great.


X = Rinaldo/Powe

I mean come on, guys on the team always tell how awesome and fun is to be a part of an organization with such past like the 70's, yet way too many of them just don't play hard at all. Some can be given a free-pass due to other strenghts in their game (Leino, Briere) and because they just don't have the size. But guys like Carter, hell.. he's one of the biggest boys on the team and he really could make someone catch their breath for a moment, yet almost always he just circles by and passes the opportunities.

Alot of times this Flyers team doesn't look like the team I fell in love with. The direction is wrong, good thing is the progress is slow and could be turned around pretty quick.

edit. Can't get Cole if we want elite goalie and deep defense corps.

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