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Originally Posted by Chicken Chaser View Post
I think they need to hit the weight room and bulk up personally. This team has gotten knocked around physically by teams this year, which shouldn't be the M-O of a Flyers team... Lappy called out Richie last year for being as built as his 8 yr old son for pete's sake.
Thanks for coming out:

"He's our leader and we're going to go as far as he takes us," Laperriere said of Richards. "When your leader just goes all out like that it's contagious. I'm the oldest on the team (36) and I get goose bumps when I see him hit and give his body up like that."

He's got the worst body on the team but he puts it in front of anything. He might not be flashy like (Sidney) Crosby on the other side of the state but he's as effective or even more."

Asked if he could define what he meant by the "worst body on the team," Laperriere quipped, "He's built like my 8-year-old son."

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