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Originally Posted by decadentia View Post
Im just curious, but are you a fan of this team? Carcillo and Hartnell don't hit, and aren't tough? But wait, Powe is tough and a good hitter (even though he falls on his ass 24/7 ?...don't get me wrong, i like Powe, but you are underrating other players). I like how some players like Meszaros do hit, and players like Coburn/Hartnell with SLIGHTLY less hits only sometimes.

Also I edited a few for you to help you out. The posts around here are getting ridiculous.
I dont think he EXPECTS carle/Leino to hit, but was rather pointing out most of our players are not the physical type...

I actually agree (to a degree)

we have guys with a lot of heart, but not the body to hit (which im fine with...even love at times)

and then we have a few guys who can play physical b/c they are big:
Coburn (has ABSOLUTELY made physicality a part of his game)
Pronger (when he gets you on the boards/in the slot)

IMO the guys who can carry their weight more would be
(carle MAYBE)

what i definitely agree with is maybe we should rethink the TYPES of players we have/WANT to have.

We havent been looking for another JvR, or Carter-sized player who plays less finesse and more physical.

Im all about us getting a Tangradi or big Staal sized guy (any of them).

where are the 6'3" + guys who play like it?
I would not be opposed to us adding some size and physicality to our roster...we look like MTL at times with briere/versteeg/roo (not that roo/versteeg cant be physical, but they wont ever make as big a dent as a JvR would)

and for the record hartnell has not been delivering big hits, he has trouble skating and standing up, let alone knocking the OTHER guy down at times haha

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