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Originally Posted by go david krejci 430 View Post
This is the only thing I could find with Rosie after the race. Everyone wanted to talk to her before the race, but I guess not after.
The story lines are transparent and recycled which attempt to entice the casual observer. Whether it's hats, celeb picks, or otherwise. To Rosie's credit, she didn't play the role of superhero. She probably realizes that once the bright lights of NBC are dimmed, she returns to being another jock on the circuit.

There were plenty of opportunities to emphasize the life of the jock. One terrific story is Garrett Gomez and the Breeders Cup from last season. From ambulance to upset winner in a matter of hours. There could have been an attractive piece done on him, one that could show the pitfalls and glamour of the occupation.

And what about Jon Court. 30,000 rides and his first Derby at age 50? Why wasn't that featured to a much larger degree?

While Johnny V taking over the reins for Albarado was mentioned, it deserved more attention.

And there should have been conversation on horses like The Factor and To Honor and Serve especially because this field was so weak compared to prior seasons. There wasn't an Afleet Alex or Barbaro or Big Brown entering the race but that shouldn't have prevented the crew from doing more.

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