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05-08-2011, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
wait. just wait. who is blaming it ALL on backstrom? maybe i totally misunderstand the anti semin argument of more than a year. that he's a playoff ghost. 14 games in a row without a goal. that he more than anyone was responsible for the loss to pittsburgh and montreal. that when the playoffs show up, he vanishes.

here we are this playoffs and backstrom, who some have argued previous to the playoffs is the caps most important player, is basically skunked in 9 playoff games and in the clutch had nothing to offer. the response to dropping that egg in his lap is flat rejection and name calling.

it looks a lot like a double standard. in fact ive seen those that are given to being quick to criticize ovechkin suggest that ovechkin was why backstrom did zip in the playoffs. ive seen that its boudreau's fault that backstron did zip.

ive said this before. i'll reprint it. i dont know why he was struggling. maybe it was an injury. maybe it was his confidence. what i do know is that he went the final 17 games of the of 2011 including all 9 playoff games without a goal when one goal would have carried so much weight.

backstrom had 2 assists in 9 games while his regular playing mates, Ovechkin and Knuble, scored 7 goals.

am i blaming it all on backstrom? hell no. i do recognize that backstrom is no less than the 3rd most important member of the caps offense and that in a playoffs where the caps lost 4 one goal games his offense could have been the difference. i also recognize that johansson significantly outplayed backstrom and that shouldnt have happened either.

lets look at this a different way. if semin is traded and green is traded and boudreau is fired and the 2011 stanley cup playoffs version of nick backstrom shows up in 2012 there is big trouble.
It's called "having some credibility".....

Backstrom had a superstar year last year.......Semin....has been a headcase ever since he got to DC. A few good seasons doesn't earn him the same street cred.

It's really not that hard to see why Backstrom gets a pass from a lot of people today. I myself think he deserves harsh criticism and a stern sitdown with Ted and George where they should put him on notice as a pro. I mean we just signed him to a career deal and this is how he rewards the fans and team?

And looking at this statement "if semin is traded and green is traded and boudreau is fired and the 2011 stanley cup playoffs version of nick backstrom shows up in 2012 there is big trouble.".....yes if you look at anything in a vacuum like you're doing, it would be trouble. Unfortunately you're completely ignoring the positives that replacing a bad teammate or a coaching change often brings....

PS - read my posts....I've often defended Semin as a playoff performer, even this year where I said he was very good in the Rags series. Again you have this poor habit of taking all the generalized statements people post here, wadding them up into a ball and posting them as if they were the collective wishes of the group....just stop already.

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