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Originally Posted by NYRSchrute217 View Post
Del Zotto should be an NHL player next year, not worth hurting his development to sign a guy who might help the team if he's healthy. I think we'd all love to see Christensen and Boogaard off this team. Wishful thinking, at least with EC.

I don't think we should buy out Wolski, when it's entirely possible that he has the same performance with Richards and Gaborik as Gagne would. Gagne hasn't been a 40 goal scorer in four seasons, so it's safe to assume that he's not getting back there. I also highly doubt he only takes 3 million.

Dubinsky getting less than 4 or 4.2 is wishful thinking but I guess it's possible. Anisimov is also going to ask for 2-2.25 in all likelihood.

Just don't see how it's going to work. I also wouldn't spend more than 3 million for Pitkanen on a one year deal.
Why should Del Zotto be an NHl Player next season? He has to earn himself a spot and this year he was pretty terrible, had a broken finger to end the season and is now coming off hernia surgery. His offensive game disappeared, making bad outlet passes, doing a terrible job on the PP, and he couldn't hit the net to save his life. We aren't even discussing his defensive game, Torts said he wants a puck moving d-man, that means unless MDZ wows him at camp he will be Hartford to start the season where he can get a ton of minutes.

Wishful thinking with EC? The guy can be waived and probably won't be claimed, hence he ends up in Hartford. Boogard may have to retire as he can't fight with his concussion issues and even if he tries a comeback he may not get cleared anytime soon. I have a hard time believing he will be with the team to start the season if at all.

I never said I think buying out Wolski is the best move, however his buyout # is really in our favor and if they (Torts and Sather) feel they can't get what they want from him thats their decision. I like him personally and think with a summer to know what is expected of him he can hopefully turn it around, he has so much skill he just needs to put it together, but I can also see Zherdev 2.0 where he is bought out goes to a team like Detroit and becomes a force.

Dubi getting less than 4 to 4.2 is very realistic. Lets compare him to another younger player who had a great season in their contract year. Wolski - 2009/2010 he had 24 goals, 42 assists for 66 points. Dubinsky had 24 goals and 30 assists for 54 points this season. Wolski got a 3.8 million dollar deal for 2 season... Dubinsky is not going to get 4.2 million, he may get 4 million a season for 3 years, I have him at 3.9, very very realistic.

Pitkanen made 4 million last season with the Canes, to leave them he is going to want a raise not a paycut, he can stay there for 3.5 I'm sure, I think it will take 4.5 (a doable number) to bring him into the fold.

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