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08-15-2005, 07:12 PM
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That is so strange. It's the exact opposite of what I have experienced. In nearly every case of over-aggressive hockey I have ever seen it was the younger team who took everything way to seriously.

Our division has a lot of the same teams back year after year and for the most part in spite of opposition you get a pretty good feel for how the game will play out. We have some very strong rivalries with a few teams that can get pretty physical along the boards and in the corners, but they never cross that line. When new younger teams come into our division they almost always are too aggressive, very vocal with refs, pushing after whistles etc.... Now granted this is generalizing somewhat, I am fully aware of younger guys who just play the game, and conversely older guys who work out frustrations on a bunch of innocent bystanders who happen to be wearing a different color jersey.

But by and large the only time I have seen older guys lose it is when they feel there was a deliberate attempt to injure them. Because everyone has a career and in a lot of cases families to look after. Going after a guys knee because he burnt you twice, hacking a goalies hand because you can't beat him, cross checking a d-man in the back because you haven't been able to get around him, etc.... this is the kind of crap that is the worst and needs to be dealt with a lot more harshly than it is now.

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