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05-08-2011, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Chubbs View Post
And that is where I'd have to disagree with you. Marleau has not been good defensively. He's been anywhere from average to terrible, but not good. He was noticeably terrible today.

If you want to see good defensive play, look at Couture and Thornton. Look at their effort on the backcheck and their commitment to helping out the defense. I was honestly surprised by their footspeed today, and they're not even known as fast skaters. Marleau is the fastest skater on the team yet he coasts.

This isn't even a knock on his offensive play. I could comment on his lack of board determination and how he gets beaten off the puck by guys half his size or with major injuries. I could talk about how he has no patience with the puck (much like Thornton early in the Kings series) and will often dump the puck to another player despite the coverage. I could even mention how he's gripping the stick too hard and not putting in goals even stone-hands Mitchell could score.

But really these points are not important. Like I said a few times already, it doesn't matter if he scores as long as he's not a liability defensively. Unfortunately he is.
This post is spot on.

I feel the exact same way. He has had some great chances but for some reason has no idea where the puck is even though it is sitting on the goalline right in front of him, or he will just flick a wrist shot at Howard as soon as he crosses the blue line even though it's a 2 on 2.

I would love to see this guy just take the puck to the net as hard as he could just once. Just *****ing once.

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