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05-08-2011, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
Keep proving my point. You put that whole goal on Marleau and Marleau alone. You ignore that a 2 on 1 that developed from there in means a defenseman is out of position and, lo and behold, McLaren was. You also conveniently ignore that there were two other forwards on the ice. One peeled ahead in Rissmiller in an offensive manner and the other was Guerin who was also caught on the wrong side of the puck. But no, your entire focus and blame has been directed to Marleau.

Scapegoating at its finest.
It's almost as if you don't understand the dynamic of team play. I chalk it up to Marleau fanboyism, but it's starting to look like you don't understand the game at all.

You see, in a team game, players count on other team members to play according to a game plan. Part of that game plan is to count on their team mates not to make a stupid play. With that little of time left in the game the teammates expect the exceptional player to make the safe play and bounce the puck up the boards. Instead, brain dead, I've got to make the big play Marleau, decides I'm gonna be the HERO!

He ****ed up. It's time to accept it.


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