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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
And look what happened: the Habs were actually better and the Bruins needed all their loose change and a great deal of luck to win it in 7, going 3-0 in overtime in the process. And the Habs actually outscored the Bruins if you dismiss the empty-netter. In other words... the Bruins were the best available match-up for the Habs.

Pretty hilarious you'd attack me on this after the way the series went.

Hockey's a game where the better team doesn't always win; you'd think that after the playoffs last year Hab fans would recognize that. You can either recognize this and deal with it, or remain clueless. Unfortunately, Boston got lucky and the Habs didn't, and that was that.

I still maintain the Bruins are the weakest club in the playoffs, incidentally. Unfortunately, Philly blew it, not least because they were idiots about their goaltending.
They came down 2-0 in the series. Hard to imagine them being weakest in the east even if we happen to win in 7 games. Even if we scored that OT goal in game 7, your prediction on the B's was a weak one. B's would beat Caps, Rags and Pens easily too.

And I'm not attacking you at all, I'm just reminding you that you have been wrong in the past and that your ''he lacks hockey sense'' is completely inaccurate and a non-issue - imo.

His hockey sense is pretty good, it's his confidence that takes a huge dip. And maybe it comes down to his inability to maintain balance and stay on his skates, which affects his game and consequently confidence. But hey, he's 24, cheap and has talent -- lets cut the ties with him, while we continue to protect our high-cap under-achievers.

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