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05-08-2011, 11:51 PM
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Ok, home and calmed down a bit... I think I have a bit of a clearer head now that the frustration is subsiding.

First off, I saw JR's comments. JR is not wrong, we all felt that way, I know everyone I was at that game with felt the same way. He was right. However, he should not have said what he said in the manner in which he said it. It crosses a line, it ultimately may cost him in the future. However, the person calling out Patty should've been a teammate or a coach, and behind closed doors... not an ex teammate who has a penchance saying the outlandish trying to make a transition into another career. Know why players give interviewers/media cliches? It's because they are trained that way. No one truly knows what's said in locker rooms, it's quite disrespectful to air dirty laundry. If fans know something about how someone is playing, I'm willing to bet the players already know.

Fans are calling for his head, which is understandable, his effort, not even his performance was disheartening and deflating. If that was my son or a teammate of mine or what have you, I'd have felt the same way: let down. If I had a teammate dog it like that, my hand would've been on his facemask by halftime. JT (...or Boyle, Clowe, whomever) needs to get his boy in check here, but do so in a way that doesn't throw him under the bus publicly.

People calling for him to be traded? I hope they are only venting frustration, because it has a 1% chance of happening. That 1%? If Marleau asks for one.

People calling him to be sat...? For who? Like it or not, Marleau is too talented to sit. You'd be cutting your nose to spite your face. Wanna sit your mentally fragile star who's pouted once before? See where that takes you, it'd cause more problems (everywhere not just on the ice) than it's worth. For better or worse, Marleau will play, maybe he should have a reduction in time, but he will play.

Knee jerk reactions never work. Ever.

Keep in mind, I am not defending Marleau in way for his effort tonight. It was awful. Just a bit of perspective from my end.

I know it's hard for fans at times. But try and remain supportive of this team and it's players. I've seen players be booed at home at the sign of one mistake, and why? To what end? To make that player press even more? To force him in a situation to not care? It's an impossible position to be in. True fans of a team, who wish success for the team, should not put players in that position. It's ok to be critical, but try to be supportive as well, that's ultimately what fans are right? I'm not saying HP Pavilion will be hostile towards Marleau for a potential Game 7, or that it has been, but I've seen this happen before.

Despite the world seemingly falling on the Sharks... they still only have to win one game. -ONE- Though they had 2 chances to win one already, it's still in their favor.

EDIT: Reposted, didn't realize the old thread was already @ 1k. Apologies. Feel free to delete the old one.

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