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Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
So, Sather the last 3 years has had a sense of direction makes up for his LACK OF ANY RATIONAL THOUGHT SINCE HIS HIRING, WHAT 10-11 YEARS AGO?!
Sather for the last 7 years, not 3. Yes, the empty cupboard was his fault and yes, the plan is a slow-moving one because we've been competitive since the lockout. However, you can see a change in the way the entire organization was operated starting post-season, pre-draft in 2004. There's been a plan here. Sather's been at the helm, but a lot of it was formulated first by Renney and Maloney, then later by Clark and still later by Tortorella. Plus Jim Schoenfeld's pretty much been involved throughout. Because we were competitive in 05-06, it changed the philosophy for the NHL roster, but what was going on in the background never really changed. And even then, Sather has pretty much refused to trade youth for vets except for one example, and that involved trading youth that had no future in the organization anyway (Dawes/Prucha).

People's judgment gets clouded by their disgust, which I share, of Sather's UFA signings. The Gomez/Drury summer was a mistake and one that my father and I still believe was an accident (as in, he never expected that both would sign here). Redden was a complete misjudgment. I'm not going to fault Sather too much on Kotalik or Frolov, especially not Kotalik. There was no indication, unlike with Redden and to some extent Frolov, that Kotalik was going to suddenly fall off the map. He had a typical year just the prior year. Outside of that, the organization is pretty well run.

I'm not an apologist for Sather. He's made some pretty poor decisions in his UFA signings. When he makes a mistake, I'm not going to cut him slack (he should have given Korpikoski more time; Montoya was totally a panic move from Blackburn's injury; why is it that we've developed very little 1st line talent?). But to ignore the good things that have happened over the last 7 years is as bad as ignoring the mistakes that he's made. At this point, let's see out what he's built here.

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