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Originally Posted by roseyc View Post
I wasn't comparing Ward/Legwand talents versus Kesler talents. Kesler right now is in world of his own. But scoring lines in the series that was what I was comparing. Legwand/Ward have 7 goals and Kesler alone has 5.Wonder where this series would be now if that call wasn't called in game 3. Game 5 the refs let em play and the Canucks looked tired. You wouldn't think that the refs are going to give the Canucks one more do you or is that the way you wanna win. You think maybe that Canucks have opened that doubt door again. Winning against the Chicago doesn't mean you won the cup. Slaying dragons can take a lot out of a team.
Yeah, all valid points.

The call in game 5 was bad....but you can also 'what if' all day long and it goes both ways. "What if" Samuelsson did not mishandle the puck in game 5 at the blue line. What if the game 2 game tying goal did not go in off a Canuck skate, what if Edler does not incur an own goal.

Bottom line is, it is what it is. Bad calls are going to happen. Championship teams don't lose series based on one bad call.

The door of doubt may be open again, but to be honest, I don't get that feeling. Maybe it's because we have been through this so many times in VAncouver that we are desensitized to it......or maybe it's just plain experience......but there does not seem to be the angst in VAncouver there was in the Chicago series.

Now then.....if the Predators come out and spank the Canucks tomorrow - that may all change.

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