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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Thanks for adding on. It's mind boggling (well, not really seeing the way Martin is handling the youth) to see how short of a leash Pouliot has had. The same could have been said about Latendresse before him. Yet Kostitsyn has had 5 years of slack.
Because we fans, think we know it all. We only see what gose on the ice, put what they do off the ice (training, attitude, implication into teh team and system, etc.) also affects how the coach will utilize them.

For all we know, Pouliot may be a lazy ass off ice, which would not suprise me. At 24, you would expect a serious NHL player to have gain the weight he needs to put on to be more effective. Pouliot still has is 18 year old frame! How complicated is it to add 20 lbs 0ver 4 years when its your job!!!

The guy simply does not have the mental to be here, and I even doubt that he as it for a no pressure team like Columbus.

I was hoping for him until I saw the Nos Canadiens show on him. WOW, still wrap around momys skirt at 24, forget it, he is as soft as butter in the mental department.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
First, it was all over the place at the draft. I'm not going to search for the links, I thought it was common knowledge. Second, I never said anywhere that he tore up the OHL. I did however put his numbers so people can assume what they want. Third, Pouliot himself said that he worked his legs to get more strength and better balance. You can search for the quotes if you want, it was during training camp. Again, I didn't say that it worked. Fourth, had you read the entire blog, you'd know that Pouliot had better numbers than both Gomez and Gionta when he was "punished" and placed on the bottom six forward lines, hardly losing games because of him. If you want to point fingers like that, look at the $7M man.

I truly would. After all, they did it for 5 years with AK and listening to some here, it has worked! Really, what do they have to lose? Games? See the comment above. I truly believe that if you want to give the guy a chance in your organization, there are no ifs and buts about it, you have to play him in a way where he'll regain his confidence, and that is in an offensive, top 6 role for a long time.
The respect of the other players. I would be frustrated as hell to see that lazy ass got top line minutes. Don't compare to AK, diffrent team, players and coaches that here now. Also, anyone not seeing that Pouliot does not work hard at all??

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