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05-09-2011, 09:57 AM
Happy now?
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Originally Posted by dpj0122 View Post
Nice misdirection. Not partying the day after a humiliating season ending loss is hardly the equivalent of sitting around and moping. Shows that guys like Green just don't give a damn as long as they get their pay check. Which is not the kind of guy you win championships with. And the stupidity of actually publicizing it says something else entirely about how some of these guys think. And the Caps management seems to think it is an issue. Because that video came down real quick after DC Sports Bog linked it.
Nope, it doesn't show that at all. You're just creating drama out of a non-issue--which is no surprise, since it's the exact same thing you did after the blizzard game. I guess the Caps should ship Erskine off as well, since he was the one that filmed it and is thus not the kind of guy you win championships with.

Get real. It's a non-issue.

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