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05-09-2011, 10:07 AM
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'Git-R-Dun' Nashville vs. Vancouver game 6 7PM CST

IT'S A TRAP! No, it's a good forecheck.

Some more Trotz offense.

Now, what does a guy from Iowa have to do with southern hockey?


That's right, thunderbritches.

It's all about who brings their big boy pants and shows up for the game. Will Joel Ward and Jordin Tootoo continue their campaign to bring diversity to the Conn Symthe Trophy? Will Pekka Rinne continue stop everything he can get his hands and glove on? Will SK, and the other forwards realize there is a game and it might be appreciated to put one more goal on the scorboard?

Who Knows?

Now I would like to see Dumont chop up Burrows into itty bitty pieces but a win is more important. Both would be nice, but the win is more important.

As for the spandex fetish committee that calls themselves the 'Green Men.' Look, I get cranky when they put Underwood, Swift, and the other assorted stars of Nashville on the tube, what do you think happens when I see you schmucks humping the glass? Look, I'm a very openminded person when it comes to other people's bedroom activities but keep it in the bedroom. Just because it gets your rocks off does not mean I might like to see it.

I swear if I see those jackholes on the TV, I will photoshop a photo of Larry the Cable Guy in black spandex and post it on the Nucks forum with the tag line 'Black is slimming'.

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