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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I think he would make an outstanding GM. Few have the desire to win like good old Saint Patrick.
Or he could use that desire having no experience which may actually destroy what we have right now and quickly.

Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
It's interesting to me how many people know Roy would make a bad GM and have full confidence in PG and BG before him.

PG and BG are the group who brought you such wonderful trades as Ribeiro for Niniima, Latendresse for Pouliot, SK for nothing, Grabovski for nothing and Higgins+McDo+Valatenko for Gomez+Pyatt. Speaking about having patience as a GM... looks to me like we should have had more patience for some of those guys we threw away for nothing and maybe should have less patience in some other cases.

Roy did win it all following his arrival in the Q. And he was a S.Savard/Lacroix disciple and has seen/been in great organizations. He clearly is a hothead at times, but the years have softened him and he's learned a lot.

Would he make a great GM ? Impossible to tell. Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn't. I would not be so quick to dismiss him though, especially when we have BG's remnant leading the way. Not like PG is the next coming of Pollock. Current group has never won anything.

And that's coming from someone who still has a grudge against Roy for his part in the habs downfall.
PG and BG = GM experience
PR = no experience

Pretty simple. I'm not saying that PR will be a bad GM, but I don't want a rookie GM here. Simple as that.

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