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05-09-2011, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Vito Andolini View Post
You claim not to have anything against him (yet you take the opportunity to knock his accomplishment whenever possible) and then you state that it's a "shame" that he holds team records.

How exactly does it matter that his #'s were achieved in a "season full of statistical anomalies?" He led the team in points by 40+. He scored over 20 goals more than the next guy on the team. He led the league in goals & points for most of the season. His dominance over the NHL in that season is without question and his status as team leader in goals & points were well earned...especially when considering the amount of hooking/holding/interference that he took compared to his peers.
That season in particular wasn't even as inflated as some claim.

Check out this link.

There about 30 seasons in which the scoring was higher and that includes all of the 80's and most of the 70's (seasons in which Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux put up their record numbers). Even in the 90's alone, at least 1993-94, 1995-96 were higher.

Was what Lemieux accomplished in 1995-96 "useless" because scoring was higher?

Scoring is scoring, the fact is Jagr scored 123 Pts and only Thornton had 125 Pts and no one else had 110 or more.

So if it was that easy to score, how come no one else accomplished what Jagr and Thornton accomplished that season?

Nylander doesn't get career highs, Prucha doesn't score 30 as a rookie, the Rangers don't contend for 1st in their division until the last game of the season if not for Jagr.

That guy needs to admit that he doesn't like Jagr and just takes every opportunity to bash his accomplishments.

He did something that no other Ranger player has ever done, get 54 goals and 123 Pts, plain and simple.

Also what Jagr did in 2006-07 (season where scoring went down) was quite impressive; 96 Pts with a reconstructed shoulder at age 35 nonetheless.

It's not like 2005-06 was the first time Jagr scored 50 goals or had 123 Pts.

This is a guy who won 5 Art Ross trophies, and scored 60 and 50 before and had numerous 120 + Pts seasons before in times when scoring was much lower than at any time after the lockout.

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