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05-09-2011, 12:10 PM
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Initially, I was a big supporter of switching to the larger international rinks. Now though, I've started to think that it wouldn't really benefit offense or increase scoring, it would just make scoring different.

Coaches crave control and predictability. I think the international rink actually makes the game more systematic and predictable. More space means more time to think, more area to escape and avoid turnovers. NHL coaches will figure out a way to stifle offense on the large rinks just as well, if not better, than on the North American rinks.

Scoring won't increase, it will just be different. Certain players will become more effective than others. Guys like Getzlaf and Perry who are able to bully opponents on the smaller rink might be less effective goal scorers. Guys like Leino and even Stepan who rely on thinking and patience will be more effective. Less goals off deflections and tip ins and scrums in front of the net.

The NHL playing on international size rinks wouldn't necessarily be better for offense, it would just be different.

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