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05-09-2011, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
This Brad Richards-situation is a classic HF drama. Some would love him. Some say he is as safe as they come (for a UFA). Some are really scared of him. Some do not want him at all.

This is my take on getting him.

If we sign Brad Richards, I think we will get this guy (from the 06/07 season to present):

That's a player that have made 6m per, and while not standing out, while not carrying his team, still de facto have delivered for his team on a steady basis. I think that's what the expectations on Richards gotta be. We are not getting a top 5 center or a top 10 forward. But we are getting someone who will deliver on a steady basis. Be a important part of the team.

What would you pay to be willing to get, not him per se, but a player who could deliver to us what that player have delivered to his team the last 4-5 years? I think that's what it comes down too. That player got 6m per, and while at times struggling to live up to that pay -- still could deliver. But imagine if he instead of getting 6m per, got like 8m per? He would have been mentioned in like -- litterary -- 1000 of articles as a horrible signing, horrible contract and what not. Its naive to not expect that to be a factor on the bottom line. You need to only get players who reasonably can live up to what they are making.

So, if we can get BR for like 6.5m per, not many cents more then that -- I would be in favor of getting him. He could score 65 pts, he could score 85 pts, it depends on the rest of the team and his teammates. He will deliver on the PP, and if he makes like 6.5m per, and still can't carry this team, or go head to head against a Malkin or whatever, nobody would really hang him. He wouldn't risk the Gomez/Drury-dilemma. If we have to pay 7.5m per, or more, then we risk disaster. Because while everyone know its not reasonable, people would demand that he carry the team. That he delivers from day 1 et c. I mean, we all know how it works. He will face what everyone else is facing, and unless factors beyond his controll works in his favor, he will not be able to deliver up to expectations like that...
Im not sure why you want to compare a Center to a rather just look at Richards himself. Over the past 6 seasons Richards LOWEST Points per 82 games played was 69 points. His lowest number would have him at 11th in the NHL this season (again, over 82 games played). so barring injury, even at his worst statistical season, he'd be a top 10ish center.

the Average number for that time span is 78 points per 82 GP...which puts him as a top 3 center. and his peak was 93 Points per 82 games which puts him as a 2 center. Again, this is in part due to Crosby being injured, as well as Malkin, and im sure some other great centers were injured as well, still though, his low, high, and mean points to him being a top 10 player no matter how you slice it. his worst numbers occurred 4 seasons ago so its not like hes showing a steady decline.

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