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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I simply can't agree with this. For one Gainey was already a successful GM in the NHL prior to joining our team. For two I'm not sure about Serge Savard I'm really not, but I'd be willing to bet at the time he likely had more experience than Roy. (A random bet of chance in this case for me)

Now, normally I agree with most of your posts, I don't find myself on the other side of your fence very often, but I simply can't agree with this. Yzerman you are right about, but let's not forget the team Yzerman inherited, it wasn't exactly the worst team in the NHL. Tampa was failing due to piss poor management/coaching more-so than bad players.

I'm not saying Roy is going to be guaranteed terrible, but I wouldn't even let Pierre McGuire a guy who has some experience touch this team, let alone a hot head like Roy.

As a player I loved Roy but I would never let him come within 10 feet of the Montreal Canadiens unless it was as an assistant coach. He has a lot to prove and yes, doing so at the pro level (AHL/NHL) proves a lot more than OHL/Q/etc. This is where our opinions definitely differ. You honestly think Boucher gets the job in Tampa without that stellar AHL season? Proving something at the pro level goes a lot further than being a good goalie at some point in time.

I just don't think he'd be a good choice. He left Montreal in the first place because he was clashing with another hothead. Whose to say the same won't be done but in reverse. We've already lost a solid player in Roy due to a hothead, I don't want the mistake to be repeated but in reverse.

Would I try him out as a coach? Probably not, but I wouldn't cry if we got him as a coach either. Would I try him out as a GM? Never in a million years. He's proven zilch as a GM. Coaching I can understand how it would translate. Being GM of a junior team is like being the guy who organizes a beer league by comparison tot he NHL, ultimately it proves nothing at this level.

Then ultimately if that's really you're opinion and you aren't just lobbying for Roy to be the next GM, it shouldn't matter much to you whose GM and you of all people should then realize that it wouldn't make a difference really if he was or wasn't GM. I just don't see why if he's so serious about the job (hypothetical) he wouldn't try being an assistant GM or a coach first in the NHL. I mean he has everything to prove not the other way around.

I don't see a team giving him that position, at best I could see him as head coach of Quebec City if they get a team. I won't hold my breath in thinking he gets anything better than an assistant job on a good team or a head job on a terrible team. We aren't a terrible team, we don't need Roy in fact we already have people who are better. I just don't see the logic in rolling the dice on a hothead who has proven nothing and wouldn't even be up for discussion if it weren't for his name and goaltending. We already have better people in place.
Smart people with winning experience as players are smart people with winning experience. Guys like Savard, Gainey, Yzerman and Roy have nothing to prove, and nothing to learn from the AHL. The fact you think experience in the AHL would prove something shows how little you know.

Gainey had experience before coming to us and did a very average job. He however had no relevant coaching/GM experience before he became the Minnesota stars coach and GM and he got to the finals as coach and won a cup as GM for them. Interesting that an experienced Gainey did nothing exceptional for us, and a young inexperienced Gainey actually did great things for Minnesota/Dallas. And I'm saying that with a bit of sarcasm here because to say Gainey was inexperienced is dumb, just like saying Roy is inexperienced. Both were parts of great teams, played with winners and were managed by very smart individuals they learned a lot from as players.

Savard had zero experience as GM before he won 2 cups for the habs in that position.

Yzerman is doing a great job so far. Out of all these guys had the most relevant experience before he started though (his time as ass. gm with the DRW on top of his winning pedigree).

People think of Roy as coach when it's probably not where he should be at all. His winning experience and pedigree would be much better used at the GM level. He was a hothead but he's tempered that fire with a lot of wisdom over the past 2-3 years. You don't hear him say outlandish things in the medias anymore. Guys with a lot of passion like Roy tend to trade a little fire for a lot of wisdom as they grow older. Not to mention Roy as coach is silly. He'd never leave Québec and everything he's built behind just to be a NHL head coach for a couple of years and leave his potential future NHL career in the hands of a guy like PG.

People act like Roy as GM is Houle 2.0 waiting to happen, like he would trade Subban after one bad game and that's just silly talk. Houle was a glorified salesman, an idiot with a big heart. Roy is a smart guy with hot temper who's mellowing out as he grows older.

It's all good though. I don't think Roy wants to leave Québec. I hope they get a team back. I'm willing to bet they'd throw an offer Roy's way and then people would realize how silly they were in this thread. Or more likely they wouldn't remember... whatever.

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