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08-15-2005, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Hedberg
I'm sick of kids, some as old as 16 saying they are going to atleast make Junior A hockey when the play in House C league. It is ridiculous. I also don't like people who don't take me seriously about hockey (which I know alot about) because I don't play "rep" hockey. Anyone else have similar experiences?
People will always be like that. Kids will hold onto their dreams as long as humanly possible, and will always imagine things working out even if by the most convoluted and improbable circumstances.

Parents will always believe the best and have nearly complete and total faith in their kids no matter what. Those that live vicariously through their kids will always be the last bastions of hope because they simply cannot let go of the last chance to see their dream realized.

I know exactly what that is like. There was a guy that I attended high school with whose dad believed that he was going to be an NHLer, and that the scouts were attending his games to watch him play. I checked his name at, and if the listing there is the same person (it lacks biographical info), he played 3 games with Seattle in the WHL, and nowhere else that had its stats tracked (which should include the BCHL jr A league)

His other two brothers both quit hockey because their dad pushed them far too hard that they couldn't have fun with it anymore.

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