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05-09-2011, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
small trades add Lauri was a first round, it is Sather acknowledging another mistake.

We traded a former first round pick for a guy that is not even in the NHL anymore...that is straight pathetic but I am suppossed to be ok with it.

Just to get back to the goaltending thing for a second.

Mike Richter got hurt and the Rangers were doomed.

Just think if Hank were to suffer a concussion and need to miss more that a few weeks...what happens bring Johnson and Talbot up to save the day? We would be the worst team in the NHL.

The Pens have Fluery as there number 1 for years to come but have Brad Thiessen in the minors in case something happens.

That is what good teams do...they have a plan, you have to prepare for the unexpected.
I normally agree with most of what you say here because I like good, tough hockey, but here's a couple things:

1) We should make a new thread to discuss goaltending instead of in the trade thread

2) The Rangers are taking chances on Free Agent goalies and late round picks. They got Talbot for nothing and Johnson for a late rounder. Biron was gotten for nothing. Missaien for nothing. Stajcer for a late round pick. When you have an elite goalie in his prime there is no need to use a high pick on a goalie. Try for a late round steal and if it works out, great. If not, who cares? That pick most likely wouldnt have amounted to anything.

3) Expect to see more trades like the Korpikoski for Lisin deal in the coming years. The Rangers lack top-end talent. They have an abundant number of 3rd/4th liners. Trading a few of them for a home-run swing, while not a sure-thing, is what teams do when they have a surplus of that certain type of player. No team will trade a sure-fire top-6 player for a bunch of borderline 3rd liners. Most teams have there fair share of 3rd/4th line grinders.

Does it suck looking back? Of course. Will I fault the Rangers management for trying that type of move given their circumstances? Absolutely not.

4) Every season there are a couple of goalies on the waiver-wire who become available. Leighton. Ellis. Mcilhenny. Montoya was waived. Are the great goalies? No. Could they get the job done for a 10 game stretch? Probably.

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