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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
That's a fair point of course, and I don't dissagree...

...My point is just, if you compare the overall talent level of Ethan Werek with the overall skill level of like a Artem Anisimov -- you have to agree with me that Werek is substansially behind Anisimov. And then when you see Anisimov, you see that why he is good at the NHL level, if he was a lot less talented he would have to be helluva good in other areas to make up for that. And while -- like you said -- Werek is tough to play against, clutch, aggressive and what-not, in the end, my impression of him was that he was pretty far from a good NHL player.

Like I said, I've not seen a lot of him, but just from the little I've seen of him, the wibe I got was that his attribute didn't add up to a NHL-caliber player. You need to remember that if you do not skate well in the NHL, its not enough to be very good, you have to be extremely good in other areas. And Werek wasn't even very good. If you can't skate, games will go by between you get a chance. Thats really the difference between the NHL, heck even the AHL these days, and junior hockey.
Yeah, I really disagree. Not about the fact that skating is important in this league, because it is VERY important, but you can't say that no players can make it if they aren't phenomenal skaters.

If Werek was a better skater, he would have, without a doubt, been a first round pick in 2009, IMO. And as far as other areas, for his role, I think Werek IS very good. He's very good defensively, he's very good at decision making. He isn't very good offensively, but 40-50 points with great two-way play, physicality and leadership is not a bad combo to have.

And there is little reason to believe that his skating can't, at the very least, be improved upon somewhat.

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I think you're being a little overly dramatic.

We traded a second round pick for another second round pick. Yes, it would have been great were Werek to work out here, but it didn't happen. That happens to every team. About 25% of second round picks turn into career NHL players, the rest bust. 3 out of 4 picks fail, across the NHL.
What bothers me about his trade is that it is ridiculous to take the stance now that Werek didn't work out or isn't going to work out. That's the problem. This isn't Bobby Sanguinetti 4 years after he was drafted. One season has gone by and all that happened was that his point totals didn't increase. He was hurt, and he was still over a PPG. And this guy played for a team in Kingston that, IMO, is not very well put together. Just a couple of years removed from being downright dreadful.

It's not that Lindberg is a bad player. I love Swedes, and from what I've seen of Lindberg, I'd take him on my team any day. But why give up on a guy that was a steal of a pick? Werek was a steal at #47, IMO.

Let's say the team has evaluated Werek since we drafted him, and now feels that he has a lower ceiling or higher bust potential than previously thought. Should we sit on our hands, and hold onto Werek, just because we drafted him? If they've soured on him as a player, I'd much rather they go and get a comparably valued player than sit back allow Werek to renter the draft. What if HE didn't want to sign with us? Again, do we sit back? I like that the team is constantly evaluating and reevaluating players.
But what if the problem is their evaluation? What if they aren't properly evaluating? Isn't giving up way too early on a prospect one of the biggest mistakes you can make when evaluating players and assets? Considering that, as you mentioned, this team struggles with their first round draft picks, it's pretty reasonable to question their ability to evaluate (especially for me, considering how much I hate the McIlrath pick, and how relatively unenthusiastic I was about picks like Del Zotto and Sanguinetti). I wonder how long I have to wait to feel like the people that run this team actually watch hockey, or if that will ever happen at all.

Also, anything is possible, but I just can't think of a reason why Werek would not want to sign with us, although at least, if there was evidence to show that this indeed was the case, I could stomach this move a lot more.

Lindberg is great, and I'm glad he'll be a Ranger. I just don't think they should have given up Werek to make that happen. And if Werek was the only way to make it happen, then you live without Lindberg.

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