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Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
small trades add Lauri was a first round, it is Sather acknowledging another mistake.

We traded a former first round pick for a guy that is not even in the NHL anymore...that is straight pathetic but I am suppossed to be ok with it.

Just to get back to the goaltending thing for a second.

Mike Richter got hurt and the Rangers were doomed.

Just think if Hank were to suffer a concussion and need to miss more that a few weeks...what happens bring Johnson and Talbot up to save the day? We would be the worst team in the NHL.

The Pens have Fluery as there number 1 for years to come but have Brad Thiessen in the minors in case something happens.

That is what good teams do...they have a plan, you have to prepare for the unexpected.
First, we still have Martin Biron. If he is healthy, he's one of the best backups in the game. If we don't feel he's healthy, there are always a plethora of veteran free agents to sign for short and cheap each summer. I provided a list of examples in a post on the previous page.

Brad Thiessen is the insurance policy if something happens to Fleury? I disagree; I think their backup, Brent Johnson, is the insurance policy. A team that plans to contend shouldn't/wouldn't rely on a guy with no NHL experience to replace their star goalie. Brad Thiessen may be the long-term safety net, but he wasn't this year. Or the year before. If something happened to Lundqvist, we'd look to Biron to carry the load. I think there are very few competitive teams in the league that would consider a zero-experience rookie the backup plan if something happened to their regular starter.

I don't think anyone is disputing the need to address goaltending depth in the near future. But I don't think it's urgent, or the dire situation you're suggesting. If Lundqvist is out, we turn to Biron. If Biron is out, then we're screwed. 90% of the teams in the league would find themselves in a similar situation if their top two went down. It's not poor planning, it's prioritizing needs.


It's just pain.

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