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10-16-2003, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
Can we please stop with the "Athletes don't work as hard as I do" crap? If you are so pissed at them, stop being an idiot and paying for them!
I see you are from Brampton dawgbone and maybe the western Canadian work ethic is foreign to your eastern sensibilities and maybe you might be a tad younger than me too. Perhaps you're an Xer or part of the Y generation or even younger. Being a "boomer" I'm results oriented. My approach in that little rant was to alert the Oilers' Management, players, and staff of the growing unrest amoung fans like me who are not focused on Hockey's Future here in Edmonton but Hockey's Present. I'm told the current crop of coaches and players sometimes read the posts here.

Too often elite athlete are coddled and treated too specially. They can become pampered because they are handled with kid gloves and allowed to hear only positive re-inforcement. "You are doing so well and you are so talented." But when they arrive at the professional hockey level things have to change. Accountability and responsibility go along with earning the big bucks and living every young Canadian boy's (and a few girl's) dream --playing in the NHL.

So dawg if you get boned reading my posts it's your right too attack a long time fan. But to have the Arrogance to Assume you know more about how an Athlete's life work's in Edmonton while sitting in Brampton I find amusing. Some 30 years ago I decided to replace my CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS jersey and start following a new team in town called the Alberta Oilers of the WHA. I was there at Northlands Coliseum, my bum warming the seats, when the 'OIL' joined the NHL. I was fortunate to have 2 half season tickets at the rail in the blues at center ice during 3 out of 5 of the Glory years. I've tilted a few 'pops' with most of the orginal boys on the bus.

I've been bored to death listening to Mike Gardner go on, and on, and on, about how hockey is essentially a entertainment commodity and athlete must maximize their earning potential when all I really wanted to know was how did it feel when he scored his first NHL goal. Dave Christensen eventually told him to give it a rest. The Capitals had just beaten the Oilers for the first time and Al Jensen, and a young American phenom named Bobby Carpenter had had great games (4 - 1' I think).

They both sat quickly as Christensen and I argued the merits of offensive verses defensive hockey. I've discussed hockey via dial-up service using long distance on Bullentin Boards before the advent of the world wide web on an old Apple II and 1200 bps modem, trading ideas with Kings fans yammering with Wing nuts. Using my NEC 386 laptop I've subscribed to CompuServe to trash talk with hockey fanatics in Hartford and some Golden Seals fans, etc. Last year I missed seeing the OiLer's play either live or via a TV feed only twice and only because it was my grandchildrens birthdays.

So I've earned the right to rant went highly paid athletes are no shows for 6 continuous periods of supposed professional hockey.

Oh! and if you don't like the tender of my comments don't read them junior.

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