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Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
Your 2nd line arguement is hilarious. Its soley based on Macleish playoff numbers As Robert and Ogrodnick both do not have impressive playoff numbers at all.
So you admit, they do HAVE playoff numbers though.

To summarize:

1st line-Fireworks
2nd line-Platters
3rd line-Fireworks(He is playing line vs line..this line serves no purpose)
4th line-wash slight edge fireworks

1st pairing-Fireworks
2nd pairing-Fireworks(Davydov is the best defenseman on either pairing)
3rd pairing-Fireworks


Special Teams-Fireworks(PP and PK unit)
Your opinion. The problem is you think that each piece has to beat each piece.

I made a team.

1st line overall I would give you an edge offensively but defensively I don't give you much (if anything I'm better) and physically you're possibly overmatched by Gillies and Trottier. Trottier is going to be a big factor.

2nd line we have you coming and going in the playoffs, my line is going to have a heyday.

3rd line, mine is designed to defend and grind down yours which is good because you probably have better playoff performers on your third line than your 2nd.

4th line, our line will generate offense against yours with its overall speed vs. only Meagher and he will be a physical mismatch against Arnott. Vaive could make a difference in this series here.

1st pairing you have a an edge, in that I would call it Robinson - Lapointe - Stanley - Ramsey, but again my pair complements one another very well and since they will be playing primarily with Gillies/Trottier/Middleton they will also have tons of support.

2nd pairing I think you overrate your side vastly. Smith is a physical monster defensively with some two way ability and Desjardins is very cerebral and solid both ways and twice a post season allstar. easy edge for Guelph. Desjardins will be the best player on either pairing, in my opinion, unless you count racking up gold medals against amateurs very highly. Secondly your pairing is very small and could be beaten or worn down along the boards by the kind of grinding team I have.

3rd pairing my Ruotsalainen > Schneider as a puckmoving talent and he doesn't have the poison in the dressing room. And Macoun a few people have said they think could play second pairing as a defensive defenseman in this.. easy edge for Guelph.

Goaltending is an easy edge for us as well. Broda is a legendary playoff performer and, while Parent's peak is impressive, in an ATD sense Broda looms pretty large here. And contrary to your opinion, you can try to prove otherwise if you want to disprove the canon but I'll let it speak for itself.

Coaching - Large advantage for Guelph since I consider Arbour one of the absolute best of all time and the leadership group that I have on this team suits him to a T.

PP - you have a fairly stacked first unit but I do have two great powerplay quarterbacks (one one each unit) so I hope that I haven't hamstrung my second unit and can go hard the full 2 minutes. I think people are somewhat discounting what a playmaker like Trottier could do with Middleton on his off wing shooting in, Vaive on the other side, and a shot like Lapointes on the back end. Desjardins I find is underrated in general and on the PP he had a accurate shot that seemed to get through a lot.

PK - I have two very strong groups of PKers, no way around that.

Good luck!

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