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Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
What proof does he have that Broda is a better playoff goalie then Parent?
What proof do you have that he wasn't? They were both ace in the playoffs, but you'll probably find most historians have Broda listed at least a little ahead of Parent in both playoffs and regular season.

Broda's GAA dropped in the playoffs compared to the regular season in 12 of his 13 seasons (it rose from 2.00 to 2.05 on year). He never had a playoff GAA over 3.00 (ignoring 1952 where he only played 3 combined games in the season and playoffs), and his GAA was under 2.00 half the time. His career GAA in the playoffs is under 2.00. He led the playoffs in shutouts 6 times. Raw numbers aren't everything (especially GAA), but when virtually every source you'll find raves about his clutch play in the post-season, I think it's fair to assume that he was as good as his numbers look.

They may very well be equals in terms of peak playoff performance, but Broda just did it more often, and has an edge because of that.

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