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*Carolina Hurricanes*

GM: Dixs35
Contact via PM

*Team* 2011 Draft Board
Round 1 -12- C Mark McNeill
Round 1 - 17- aquired from minny. D Jamie Oleksiak
Round 2 -42- traded to calgary
Round 3 -72- traded to minny
Round 4 - 101- aquired from minny then traded to Washington
Round 4 -102-traded to Washington
Round 5 -132- Atlanta owns



J. Skinner ($1.400m) / E. Staal ($8.250m) / E. Cole ($2.000m)
Z. Boychuk ($1.195m) / O. Jokinen ($3.000m) / J. Jokinen ($3.000m)
T. Rutuu ($3.800m) / B. Sutter ($2.500m) / J. Chimera ($1.875m)
J. Samson ($0.512m) / Z. Dalpe ($0.875m) / O. Osala ($1.000m)
J. Tlusty ($0.800m) / P. Dwyer (0.700)

J. Pitkanen ($5.000m) / J. McBain ($0.850m)
T. Daley ($3.300m) / J. Corvo ($2.250m)
B. Allen ($2.900m) / M. Fistric ($1.000m)
D. Joslin ($0.800m)

Cam Ward ($6.300m) / Player Name ($0.000m)

BUYOUTS: F. Kaberle (0.733M), R. Brind'Amour (3.600M)

CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $00,000,000; CAP PAYROLL: $00,000,000; BONUSES: $0,000,000
CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $00,000,0000

Erik Cole UFA 2.900M
Jussi Jokinen UFA 1.700M
Chad LaRose UFA 1.700M
Joni Pitkanen UFA 4.000M
Jay Harrison UFA 0.500M
Brandon Sutter RFA 1.225M
Juri Tlusty RFA 0.500M
Derek Joslin RFA 0.500M
Oskar Osala RFA 0.850M
Bobby Sanguinetti RFA 0.855M
Pat Dwyer UFA 0.500M
Troy Bodie RFA 0.500M
Jay Harrison UFA 0.500M
Brett Bellemore RFA 0.533M
Bryan Rodney UFA 0.525M
Nick Dodge UFA 0.500M
Brett Sutter RFA 0.500M
Justin Pogge RFA 0.500M
Casey Borer UFA 0.500M
Zack Fitzgerald UFA 0.500M

Top 15 Prospects
1. Zac Dalpe-C
2. Zach Boychuck-LW
3. Justin Faulk-D
4. Brian Dumoulin-D (traded to Dallas)
5. Drayson Bowman-LW
6. Riley Nash-C
7. Bobby Sanguinetti-D traded to Calgary
8. Mark Alt-D
9. Danny Biega-D
10. Rasmus Rissanen-D
11. Michal Jordan-D
12. Justin Shugg traded to washington
13. Chris Terry
14. Jerome Samson-LW
15. Oskar Osala-LW

  • Young NHL ready Dmen
    Top 4 Defender
    More early picks or young talent(wingers RW) to help re-tool
    Backup Goaltender

Untouchable Players
  • J. Skinner
    E. Staal
    C. Ward

Trade Block
  • T. Rutuu
    T. Gleason(traded)
    J. Corvo
    D. Bowman


Team AAcquiredTeam BAcquired
** Mark Fistric, Trevor Daley Brian Dumoulin
T. Gleason + 72rd 17th + 100st
J. Shugg + 101st + 102nd J. Chimera
B. Sanguinetti + 42nd Olli Jokinen

Re-Signed E. Cole 3yrs-6m Staal/Cole magic undeniable
Re-Signed J. Jokinen 2yrs-6m
Re-Signed J. Pitkanen 4yrs-20m
Re-Signed B. Sutter 4yrs-10m
Re-Signed D. Joslin 2yrs-1.6m
Re-Signed B. Sanguinetti 2yrs-2m
Re-Signed O. Osala 1yr-1.0m
Re-Signed J. Tulsty 1yr- 0.800m
Re-Signed P. Dwyer 2yrs - 1.4m

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