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Ok, so I thought maybe we could get into a more concrete discussion, so I created this list of possible future invitees to the NT. I chose players born between 1987-1992, still I of course realize that we will have players a bit or even much more older on the NT and at the same time it is possible that we might have someone younger as the 1992ers too. The lits includes the usual NA suspects, but I also gave ma attention to the European guys as they might be even more important right now especially in the light of our current world ranking situation and with us very probably facing the 2014 Olympics qualifications, which is played during the season.I think it also illustrates nicely one phenomenon in Slovak hockey that´s gone pretty much silently unnoticed by most people- the Slovak league is far ahead of our national team when it commes to the generation change. Also, one more note- I´m not saying that all these players belong on the NT or that they will play, I´m just saying they will probably get some consideration. Feel free to add if I forgot someone or say who should or shouldn´t be there.

G Branislav Konrád 1987
G Július Hudáček 1988
G Jaroslav Janus 1989

D Martin Grundling 1987
D Marek Biro 1988
D Juraj Mikuš 1988
D Ján Brejčák 1989
D Marek Ďaloga 1989
D Radek Deyl 1989
D Juraj Valach 1989
D Peter Hraško 1991
D Lukáš Kozák 1991
D Adam Jánošík 1992
D Martin Marinčin 1992

F Marek Bartánus 1987
F Mário Bližňák 1987
F Michal Chovan 1987
F Marcel Haščák 1987
F Juraj Mikúš 1987
F Tomáš Záborský 1987
F Rastislav Dej 1987
F Tomáš Marcinko 1988
F Marek Slovák 1988
F Dávid Skokan 1988
F Richard Smotrila 1988
F Milan Kytnár 1989
F Radoslav Tybor 1989
F Martin Bakoš 1990
F Jakub Gašparovič 1990
F Libor Hudáček 1990
F Radoslav Illo 1990
F Tomáš Klíma 1990
F Adam Lapšanský 1990
F Marek Viedenský 1990
F Ján Sýkora 1990
F Tomáš Tatar 1990
F Dalibor Bortňák 1991
F Marek Hrivík 1991
F Andrej Kudrna 1991
F Richard Pánik 1991
F Andrej Šťastný 1991
F Tomáš Jurčo 1992

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