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05-10-2011, 06:51 AM
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I read half of the summary (I have to go into work so I'll read the rest later), and it seems fairly correct so far. I haven't had many problems with it, and I've actually seem some subtleties that I'd been missing up until now (As with any written work it's important to open up the floor to some viewpoint or opinion that has been misplaced, overlooked, or misunderstood, and you have succeed in giving some different perspectives in particular with the Timonen/Hartnell acquisition.)

Nice job so far.

Originally Posted by Jimmy Villa View Post
Flyers didn't come close to it, and as you point out OP, the future is neither bright, nor orange.

No picks + no goalie + over-paid players + ridiculous contract terms + horrible asset management............The saying you reap what you sow comes to mind, and I think that the Flyers will be hearing that a LOT over the coming years......Dark times ahead
How is the future not bright?

This Armageddon nonsense gets old quickly. I understand why people are complaining, but we go through this crap every summer. Hopefully Flyers' fans here get it out of the way quickly and quietly this summer.


Giroux, vanRiemsdyk, Carter, Richards, Meszaros, Coburn, Carle, and Bobrovsky...

But our future isn't bright?

Okay, go check in on other NHL organizations.

It's not right to complain about something very good not being a tiny bit better. It's actually pretty annoying. It's like getting a 29-pack of beer for free and complaining that you didn't get number 30.

Originally Posted by Jimmy Villa View Post
The highlights of your summary were the Timonen & Hartnell deals (shocking from Flyers POV) and the Eminger deal. Just horrible.

How Homer still has a job is beyond me
The implications of Timonen/Hartnell was something I hadn't thought of until now.

The Eminger deal? Everyone's known that the deal was a disaster for a long time. He basically gave away Carlson for Eminger, and in doing so, forced himself to overpay Eminger (Carlson) + Downie to get Carle, who though not strikingly perfect is much more and has always been much more competent than Eminger.

Carlson > Carle > Eminger
Downie > Carle > Eminger

Though it is important to realize that Downie may never have worked out in Philadelphia because of his style/attitude, it is still telling when the Flyers gave up two pieces that went on to be more vital to their teams than Carle is here, and that is all because Holmgren overpaid for Eminger.

To date, the Eminger acquisition has been the biggest disaster for this franchise under the Holmgren administration. It is has lead to a domino effect that has not only forced our hand in some areas, it has created holes in others.

The biggest reason people overlook it is because it was subtle, and I've pointed it out as a glaring problem before.

The swing in top tier assets is astronomical.

You lose 1st/Carlson/Markstrom for Eminger.
Then you lose that plus Downie for Carle.
Since Carle is not solid enough on his own you use Sbisa, 1st, and 1st for Pronger.
Add in Timonen (ignoring Hartnell) cost us a 1st.
Meszaros cost us a 2nd.


to fix our defense it cost us...

Six 1st round picks and a 2nd (and Alexei Zhitnik).

Not saying that's good or bad, but that's what happened.

If Pronger is done and Timonen is going to retire soon...that's a HUGE drain of 1st round assets.

And that's just the defense.

(Also, I'm still a Holmgren supporter.)

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