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05-10-2011, 08:23 AM
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This is the Philly media to the pro athlete as far as I can tell.

1. I say nothing. (Media invents questions out of silence. Roots around. Bothers other players or pundits about my "situation".)
2. I speak somewhat of the truth, being careful. (Media takes quotes out of context. Speculates endlessly in negative ways to sell newspapers, gain air-time, get hits on websites.)
3. I put out the same pro-team rhetoric which is meaningless but gives the reporters something and may or may not be a total lie on my part. I leave for home feeling like a fraud. (Media gets some sound bites.)
4. I'm Chris Pronger. (I win the hell out of the media, because my closed-door contract is professional troll. U mad?)

Must be fun.

I don't blame Richards.

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