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05-10-2011, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
No, you can expect it/want it/whatever it.

But that doesn't mean you have any impact in making it happen. So judging it as if it's "supposed" to happen and rampaging when it doesn't isn't effective.

Not to get all businessy with this, but if a business finished in the top 10 competing companies out of 30 every season, would the boss fire everyone and start over because he didn't finish first, risking a disastrous free-fall back to the bottom of the pack, or would he continue to strive for being first while building on what he already had to work with?

Neither method guarantees him of being in 1st place ever, but one sounds a lot better than the other.

You, on the outside, can recognize factors that are holding him back from being 1st, but that doesn't mean that he is in any position to change them. It also doesn't mean you can impact the business and fix those factors for him.
This isnt another one of those "Your just an armchair GM. You dont know anything about sports etc etc" post is it? If so, this is pretty overused.

Also onto your business thing (which really doesnt make sense... but Ill go with it). It all has to do with expectations. Small companies vs big companies. If your a big company paying, paying almost the most out of all 30 of the companies, wouldnt you expect to be better than 10 or so every single time? You strive for the #1 spot, knowing the positives that come out of it. You dont just settle for 10 and be happy. If I was the boss, and I kept seeing the same thing happen every year. Being average, not the best but not the worse, I would change what I have been doing. Fire some employees and keep some.

The armchair gm thing is overused. The position, whether outside or inside, doesnt affect what people see. If everyone, fans, writers, x-players, etc, all see the same thing and the Gm doesnt, does that make the GM right and everyone else wrong?

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