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05-10-2011, 11:52 AM
bring on the draft
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I've never seen a 30-year-old on a forum stalk and berate some other guy before just to win some ego contest that the other is not interested in playing.

I'm not playing your games. You're not a kid anymore.

And I don't care if the Phils just won. It doesn't change the fact that overreacting and panicking causes bad things to happen. That's in EVERYTHING. Nowhere, ever has panicking ever solved anything, but if the team were left up to the HFBoards Flyers' forum every summer, the team wouldn't be worth cheering for; we'd be perpetually at the bottom of the NHL.

(EDIT: This thread was fun while it lasted, but I'll be moving on.)
who is overreacting? I think Flyer fans have the right to be ticked off. The last 3 months plus of the season were downright horrible. 11 wins since we got our 40th win in February. 31 losses. I wonder how many teams were behind us in that stretch. I would venture to guess, not many. This was supposed to be a Cup Contender. Instead we got downright embarassed in round 2 and could of lost in round 1 if it wasnt for Miller giving up a horrendous goal to Hartnell in game 6.
I am sick and tired of management wasting away our opportunities to contend by going cheap in goal, insisting we need idiots on the 4th line and giving away our draft picks like they were candy. I am not panicking. I am pissed off.
I am sick of this everything is ok mentality because we make the playoffs every year. How did that work for St. Louis who made the playoffs for like 25 years in a row or whatever it was? I would trade a Stanley Cup followed by 5 years of not making the playoffs. Thats how much I want to see a Cup. I dont care about making the playoffs every year. Being content on making the playoffs every year makes you once step closer to accepting losing. no thanks. I want to win. nothing else.

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