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05-10-2011, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Ghost of Downie View Post
Jesus ****ing Christ, how can you not get it through your ****ing head? CARTER IS NOT BEING TRADED! HE HAS AN 11 YEAR CONTRACT THAT THE ORGANIZATION JUST GAVE HIM!

I don't care how much you ****ing hate him or how much you want a goalie, Carter is here for the ****ing long haul. Don't like it? Well ***** and moan all you want, opine all you want, come up with hypothetical deals all you want, but he's NOT LEAVING! What is your unhealthy obsession with the guy? This thread is about another stupid issue and you STILL manage to turn it to trade Carter!

Now, on topic. Agreed with MSE, the Clarke comparisons from the start were unfair. Clarke was one of the greatest players of in the NHL, not to mention one of the greatest captains.
I remember when Gretzky got traded by the Oilers..albeit for financial reasons..still nobody is untouchable and shouldn't be. That's just bad business...

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