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05-10-2011, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
So, by process of elimination, if we don't win the Cup every single year then we've failed miserably...
No cups for 35 years is failing miserably. Building a Stanley Cup caliber team with one massive flaw and watching it come back to bite you early in the playoffs is failing miserably.

Overall, I agree with a lot of what you said. But there are a few points I have to disagree with.

The Richards/Carter contracts: People are starting to view these both as negatives. You have two young core players locked up to great cap hits for a long time to come. Both of these were viewed pretty positive nationally. Other teams have given similar contracts away to their franchise players. Disagree that this "financial security" have lead to a decline in Richards'/Carter's effort. Not sure how anyone watching Richards in the play in the playoffs last year can really argue that... Carter came back in a week for an injury that normally sidelines a player for a month.

The Pronger trade: 3 first round picks and a young player (Lupul)? Really, Lupul had negative value and was only in the deal to make the salaries work. 4,250,000 a year for 4 more years was way to much for Lupul. There was a reason the Ducks shipped him out the next season. By throwing him in, the Flyers also probably needed to throw in an extra 1st just to make him worth it to Anaheim. Without Lupul, it probably would have been Pronger for 2 1st rounders. It does reflect on Homer's tendency to give away bad contracts that he would need to throw in Lupul but lets not act like losing Lupul was some big tragedy.

The Mez/Gagne trades: I'm probably going to catch some crap for this because I love Gagne and when I saw that trade, I was pissed. But taken together with the Mez trade, I think the Flyers came out ahead. Matt Walker will spend the rest of his contract in the minors and won't count against the Flyers in season cap. The Flyers basically flipped an aging, injury prone forward whose contract was up in a year + a late 2nd for a young, 2-way defensemen and a 4th. Meszaros was probably the most consistent Flyers defensemen this year.

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