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Originally Posted by Subban76 View Post
Except Gomez, , nice try, and even then. And the day Pouliot earns a 7.3M contract and actually does something (like having done it it the past) is the day he will earn some passes for being a lazy ass. Sucks, but that's how life works, always has, always will.

As for Martin, please, we got in the playoffs and a game 7 overtime because of him otherwise the season would have been a disaster. And he has developed the kids admirably this year.

Haters gonna hate!
Meanwhile, Sean Bergenheim earns his $700,000 salary, takes 8 minutes in PO penalties (compared to Pouliot's 7), plays around 15 minutes per PO game (compared to Pouliot's 5 or 6) and will help the Lightning as they play the Bruins.

Think Bergenheim would have gotten the same passes from JM after his less than stellar regular season?

Coaches matter with regard to motivating their players to get the most our of them.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Okay, so my question is, why did the coach, who's so godawful with young players, relegate 24-year-old Pouliot to the fourth line then the pressbox... but systematically played 22-year-old Pacioretty on the top-6?

The answer is actually: MaxPac can handle it, Pouliot can't. It's got nothing to do with the coach somehow favoring "veterans" for no good reason, something he did not actually do.

Martin is actually pretty damned predictable in his personnel management, largely because he's so logical and deliberate about it. I praised it last year despite complaining about his system, and he hasn't changed. He experiments to figure out what each of his guys can and can't handle, then puts them in a position to succeed by handing them responsibilities they can handle. Young players will occasionally be handed greater duties that they can deal with as a learning experience, and gradually be brought up the depth chart as they progress. Happened with Eller. Happened with Pacioretty. Happened with Desharnais. Happened with Subban, though it wasn't very "gradual". Expect to see it happen with Weber next year.

If Pouliot wants top-6 icetime in the NHL he needs to improve his overall game, especially his defense. This is not a Jacques-Martinism. Virtually everyone in the league plays power-on-power now; you can't afford your top-6 lines to have a defensive liability on them, because they're no longer facing "defensive" third-liners that couldn't exploit the weakness -- they're facing strong overall hockey players that can both attack and defend.
And therein lies the problem with Jacques Martin. He fails to grasp the concept that a coach is responsible for ALL of his players on the roster.

A one size fits all approach is a gateway to failure. Different players respond to different coaching styles. What motivates one player is demotivational to another. Benching Pouliot for a single mistake gradually destroyed his confidence. This happened all season long. And no one will argue that we could have used a confident and productive Pouliot in the playoffs.

O'Byrne faced the same wrath and punishment. Make a mistake....benched and sent to the press box (when we could have used a physical DMan against Philly last year in the ECF).

If Markov and Gorges would have been healthy, we would have seen Subban sitting in the press box as Martin showed he was on a short leash. The only reason Subban played was the team did not have anyone else to play.

Eller has a huge upside yet he was relegated to less than 10 minutes of ice time, slowing his development. Same for Desharnais who game after game showed that his line with White and Pouliot could score goals and play an aggressive forecheck in the neutral zone that resulted in turnovers. Yet DD only got a little more than 6 or 7 minutes of ice time during the regular season.

Pacioretty had already called out JM in the media. Yes, when he came here, he started scoring immediately. Had he not, he would have faced the same situation as Pouliot, playing junk minutes on plugger lines and sitting on the bench watching Moen flub another pass from Gomez.

Pouliot is just another symptom of what really ails Montreal with Martin as coach.

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